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Unity Camera
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Source it manually or put it with your other mel scripts, and type “makeUnityCamera()” in a Mel script editor to create a Unity compliant camera. The camera’s transform will have a “width”,”height” and “angleOfView” attribute which you should set to what you have in Unity. Once you’re values match, what you see in Maya via this camera should be identical to Unity.

found here:


you can use script as well :
global proc makeUnityCamera()

// Make a nice camera (16×9 by default)
// ————————————
string $cam[] = `camera -n “UNITY_CAMERA” -hfv 16 -vfv 9 -dfg on -dgm on -fl 35 -ff Overscan -ovr 1.1`;
rename $cam[1] ($cam[0]+”Shape”);

// Add an Angle of View, width and height to the camere transform
// ————————————————————–
addAttr -ln “angleOfView” -at double -min 0.0001 -max 180 -dv 30 $cam[0];
setAttr -e -keyable true ($cam[0]+”.angleOfView”);

addAttr -ln “width” -at double -min 0.0001 -dv 16 $cam[0];
setAttr -e -keyable true ($cam[0]+”.width”);
connectAttr ($cam[0]+”.width”) ($cam[0]+”.horizontalFilmAperture”);

addAttr -ln “height” -at double -min 0.0001 -dv 9 $cam[0];
setAttr -e -keyable true ($cam[0]+”.height”);
connectAttr ($cam[0]+”.height”) ($cam[0]+”.verticalFilmAperture”);

// Make an expression to handle UNITY to MAYA aov
// ———————————————-
string $exp = (“float $x = “+$cam[0]+”.width;\n”+
“float $y = “+$cam[0]+”.height;\n”+
“float $aov = “+$cam[0]+”.angleOfView;\n”+
“float $a = ($y/2)/tand($aov/2);\n”+
” $a = (($x/2)/(($x/2)/$a))*25.4;\n”+
$cam[0]+”.focalLength = $a ;\n\n”);

expression -n ($cam[0]+”_AOV”) -s $exp -o “” -ae 0 -uc all ;